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The shape of things that hum

Excellent 8 part documentary on the machines that revolutionised music and brought us our endearing electronic sounds.


Simmons Drums
Yamaha DX-7
Fairlight Sampler
Akai Sampler


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Kamikaze: Niels Ruf auf der Mayday


Ishkur´s guide to electronic music

für die, die es immer noch nicht kennen: nette flash animation zur entstehung der verschiedenen genres der elektronischen musik mit soundbeispielen und timeline.

So where did it all begin? How did it all start? Who was the first guy who said „Holy shit, this buzzing, spitting, throbbing, pulsing din of an inane sequence of noises that might arguably call itself music sounds totally awesome on ecstasy!“ And what made him do that?

But maybe I‘m getting ahead of myself. To try and pinpoint the exact origins of electronic music, you first have to look at how it’s made. Because as amazing as it sounds, electronic instruments did not always exist. The vast majority of them are barely more than 20 years old. And it’s not like you can just pick up a sampler, synth and drum machine and jam away. Unlike conventional music, electronic music isn‘t played, per se. It is PROGRAMMED. So any study of the history of electronic music is really a study of its programmers--that is, the people who make the machines that make the sounds that make the music what it is. Without some guy tinkering with diodes and transistors, electronic music is just a fancy, lifeless hunk of junk. Just sitting there. Not doing anything.

Ishkur´s guide to electronic music

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happy burzeltach!!!!
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