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Subsonic Park: Inner City Codes (elektrolux)


Alex Azary und Gabriel Le Mar sind dem Musikliebhaber hinlänglich durch ihre
Arbeiten bekannt. Mit dem brandneuen Projekt Subsonic Park schlagen die
beiden die Brücken zwischen Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft
elektronischer Musik, denn hier wird man stark an Pioniere wie Klaus Schulze
oder Tangerine Dream erinnert, die eine ähnliche hypnotische Wirkung mit
ihrer Musik erzeugten. „Inner City Codes“ versteht sich als Schnittstelle
zwischen den repetitiven Klangmustern der urbanen Club-Culture, der Deepness
von Dubsequenzen, moderner Technologie, Architektur und Design. Die zehn
kraftvollen Tracks überzeugen auch ohne Drummings und verbreiten nahtlos
gemixt eine förmlich vibrierende Motorik. „X-Ident“ kickt mich enorm. Deeper
Ambient Dub-Tech mit einem modernen Soundgerüst und doch ästhetisch
anknüpfend an die Produktionen von Aural Float, mit denen Elektrolux im
Jahre 1995 gestartet war. Subsonic Park ist außerdem eine Verbeugung vor
ihren musikalischen Wurzeln wie der Basic Channel-Serie, Luke Slaters 7th
Plain-Releases, sowie von Carl Craig’s frühen Produktionen auf Retroactive
bis zu diversen Underground Resistance Releases. Insgesamt ein entspanntes
und trotzdem abwechslungsreiches Album, das dem hohen Anspruch an das Label
jederzeit gerecht wird. „Peaktime- Chill“, wie Azary und Le Mar
augenzwinkernd anmerken. Wer von dieser Soundästhetik nicht genug bekommen
kann, ist mit „The Beatless Collection Vol.1“, die auch in Kürze erscheint,
bestens bedient.

VÖ: 18.04.2008

in teh mix

dirty breaks

kein mix dieses we… check that SLIPMATT Live in the Mix 7-9pm TONIGHT!!

Ez all!

TODAY from 3pm GMT brings to you its second LIVE radio broadcast dedicated to the future sound of Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks and Jungle Tekno!

For our guest-show, we see a world-wide exclusive Rave Breaks set from the Godfather of Hardcore… DJ Slipmatt! And as if this wasn’t enough, there’s even talk of an appearance from the one and only MC Charlie B!!

Representing the Jungle Tekno sound will be the Nu Basement Records front man, Reckless, who will be showcasing what this legendary label has to offer the new generation, as well as giving you a sneak peak at the mind blowing J-Tek imprint and sound that will be hitting the shops mid-March 2008 (! Another exclusive comes thanks to Screwball & Prove Correct, two of Poland’s leading Hardcore Breaks producers who between them have a string of successful releases on major UK labels. Finally, the much loved Junki Munki will be winding things down for the closing two hours with the finest selection of Rave anthems both nu and old… This is not to be missed!

So get your Mother’s Day chores out the way and get yourselves locked and loaded from 3pm GMT!

Here’s how the schedule’s looking:

3-5pm – Screwball & Prove Correct (Tornado Records / Uppacutz)
5-7pm – Reckless (Nu Basement Records / Nu Urban Music)
7-8pm – Slipmatt (The Godfather and Rave Breaks Pioneer)
8-10pm – Junki Munki (Junki Munki Records / 2FX)

And here’s a selection of links to choose from depending on your Internet connection: (128k stream) (96k stream) (56k stream) (24k stream)

Finally, to join in the fun, ask for requests, or to get a shout-out, you’ll be wanting to click the below link for our web-based chatroom:

Not only will you get to hear the freshest tunes from the scene’s leading artists, but we also have some rather tasty competitions lined up! Screwball will be giving away a copy of his latest release on the mighty Tornado Records (The Cannon Fodder E.P.), whilst Reckless will be exploiting his position at Nu Urban Music by giving listeners a chance to win a Nu-Rave release of THEIR CHOICE!! Finally Slipmatt has two tickets up for grabs for Epidemik @ Ministry of Sound on March 21st (trust us this event will be huuuge!), and Junki Munki has two guest-list places to give away at the next Ascendance vs. Graffiti Breaks touching down at the Purple Turtle in Camden on 7th March!

So there you have it. 7 hours of pure Rave bliss on a Sunday afternoon and evening, brought to you by the Internet’s number one resource and community dedicated to the future sound of Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks and Jungle Tekno! Whether you like it fast, slow, happy, dark, soulful, filthy or just plain banging; there’s something here for everyone to get excited about and you’ll kick yourself for missing it…

Have a good‘un this weekend, and see you from 3pm on Sunday!

The Crew.

Shab Lone – Mini mal anders

shab lone
20.02.2008 Shab Lone – Mini mal anders
ca. 75 MB / MP3/ZIP


pig & dan 2008



Interview with Pig&Dan backstage at AgeHa club Tokyo July 07